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Alberta's Foredeck

The old windlass removed for maintenance. Made by Thompson Bros., Gilmore Works, London. Still works well and gives a power advantage of 12:1, the brake wheel coming in handy for controlled anchoring. Aft of the bitts the bulwark stanchions are spaced closer than normal which is where the bearing chocks would have been fitted to take the pawl windlass. The traditional pawl windlass can be seen on the 'photos of Electron CK36 and Sallie CK224. The hole in the port rail is for a thole pin to take the hip rope from the upper baulk when stowboating (fishing by a net slung under the bows while the smack is at anchor) The stem is 190 x 150 mm oak with a similar false stem forward of that. Bulwark stanchions (100 x 75 oak) are separate from the frames for ease of replacement when damaged. Bulwark strakes are lightly fastened so that they can carry away if she ships a big sea and quickly clear the deck. 50mm pine deck planking. The oak bitts I made from an old barn door jamb, 175 x 165mm oak, and tie into the keel. A 75 x 75mm oak cavil rail is half dovetailed into the bitts and stem helping to transfer the load on the bitts. A small tip; the yellow handled screwdriver with the bent end is most useful for raking out seams.