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Alberta's Tops'l Set

A shot to show how close the tops'l leader cringle is held close to the topmast. The tops'l halyard fall passes through a bullseye on a strop round the topmast then through the leader cringle on the tops'l, then down to a cleat under the mast table, then back up to the tops'l tack as a downhaul. Works well. The tops'l has a clew club, 6' long x 2" dia, to gain a few extra square feet of area. In practice it is a pain in the neck and in my view to be avoided. Unless the crew is very smart adjusting tension on the sheet when lowering, the wind blows the club to the leeward side of the main and jambs. A re-hoist is the only way to free it. In stead of stowing in a sail bag room has to be found below for a six foot plus bundle.