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Albert BN24
42' smack built in 1910 at Boston by Gostellow.
photos by Peter Thomas
Albert is for Sale
All the deck beams are now in but unfortunately time and finances do not allow me to finish the restoration and she is for sale. The hull has had a lot of work done on it and below is a spec of this work.
I am looking to sell her for 12,000.
She is currently in Melton boatyard, Woodbridge, where the storage fees are cheap.

Albert was built by Gostolow in 1910 she is 42 ft overall and 5 ft draft and 13 ft wide. A very streamlined shape for speed against the Wash's choppy seas. Albert was used as a prawner and had a large copper boiler in her hull where they boiled up shrimps and prawns as she fished, ready in sacks when she arrived back at port.
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Gostellow built a number of Smacks and yachts and I owned one. Her name was Northseaman, also he built Privateer and Lily Bolero about seven Smack yachts in all, based on fishing smacks with long keels.
Presently the hull stops at the top plank and then you have the deck beams. Next job is a covering board and then bulwark stanchions.

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Work Done:-
An outline of the work that has been completed on the sailing smack Albert.
The Hull planking which is Pitch Pine approx 1.5 " thick has been replaced under the waterline re-caulked and the vessel is watertight. A new keel has been fitted and has been re-bolted into the keelson. Stem and deadwood are new.
All timbers have either been replaced or doubled up where necessary. These timbers measure 4" x 3" approx and they are oak.
New engine beds fitted to take BMC 3.8 engine and a new substantial log has been built in oak to take a side shaft, the shaft is in place with prop fitted.
Two beam shelves have been constructed the whole length of the boat, one at deck level and second further on turn of bilge through bolted into the timbers.
All deck beams are in place through bolted into top beam shelf. The planking on the top side is in good order needs caulking and paying with red lead, I have just given the planking a new coat of Black Tar. There is a stock of karowing timber planks for decks 14 ft x 1 " there is also a stock of 5/8" pitch pine various spare pitch pine beams.

All deck beams are pitch pine.
There were bare poles for the Mast, Boom, Gaff and Bowsprit. These have been used for other projects and the persons that have used them have assured me they will replace free of charge ex Lowestoft. If this can be arranged they will be provided within the price.
If not, then you will need to provide the spars, but I think there is a good chance this can be arranged.
They are not expensive and can be obtained from a supplier in Boston.
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Main in tan terylene, staysail in white, two jibs they are new costing 5000 approximately and made by Heard sailmakers.
BMC 3.8 water cooled engine, believe reconditioned repainted currently out of boat.
This hull is a beautiful fast shape and it is basically all new so when you have finished the deck and if you kept the interior simple in the fishing smack way then it should not be so much work and cost and you will have a fantastic cruising gaffer.
I have got access for lead for ballast you will need approx 7 tons - I know someone that makes up ingots to fit and he is reasonable.
Everything for this boat should be done like a working boat and fisherman that had these boats built were not wealthy but were very sensible, we can obtain green oak locally very reasonably.

Look forward to hearing from anyone that could be interested in her.
My contact numbers are 01394 460735 /420007 or email at
Peter Thomas
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