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Margaret Catchpole PE62 Now for Sale
Poole Smack 1911
photo Peter Thomas
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She is, we believe to be, the last of the larger Poole smacks and therefore quite interesting. Launched as the Eureka in 1911 and registered for fishing on the 25th Nov 1911 with fishing No PE62. registered tons 10.8, according to the register. Length 28ft 6in, Beam 10ft 3in, Draft 4ft 6in. Gaff topsail cutter rig with topmast. Sails good condition some new. All terylene except for topsail. Margaret Catchpole is well known on the east coast having been kept on the River Orwell for the past 50 years.

Details: Hull pitch pine/larch/elm planks on grown oak frames. Planking 1 5/16" thick. Frames 2 1/4" sided moulded 5" at keel, 2 1/4" at the timber heads, spaced at 12" centers, most doubled (futtocks) from new.
All fastenings are in bronze including keel bolts for the lead keel. Decks are Brunzeel ply 3/4" thick epoxy sheathed.
Accomodation: very spacious interior much as it was when she was converted in 1948. Two saloon berths, two more in the focstle, Heads, very large pantry, Nav area opposite galley.
Engine: Rebuilt Lister STW to be refitted in March 2002. Gives a cruising speed of 5.5 to 6 knots. Very economical.
Margaret is a very stiff boat and dry. We need to sell her now after 20 years of ownership, we simply have too many boats. Sensible offers please.
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