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email from Kora & Thorsten, 21 Aprilo 2001
We would like to introduce you to "Grethe Witting". Built 1914 at Lowestoft as "Norford Suffling". Originally a steam drifter regsitered in Yarmouth 1914 - 23 (YH 45) and in Lowestoft 1923 - 46 (LT 685). Later under Danish flag as a coaster. In the 70ies restored and rerigged as a traditional sailing trawler. For further informations please visit our website . Perhaps you could give us a hint for some sources about the period under English flag,, e.g. shiplists. Kind regards Kora & Thorsten
email from Russell rebuilding the smack Victorious. 14 April 2001
I have damaged my hand and indeed lots of money is needed, and i have little idea how it might be raised, but you can help! by letting people know that i would gladly talk about a partnership or syndicate And letting people know that a day or two smack sailing would do my morale a power of good! see ya sometime, somehow Russell. Have a look at some pics of her and visit his website - and email offers to She is a rare Class II Worfolk Wash smack and well worth the effort saving.
victorious maybe? Click for bigger picture
email 10 April 2001-
in looking out pics for your web, found this. it was taken at Boston in about '78,9 but to me it looks like Victorious do you think it may be her ?
email 4 April 2001 -
There is a workboat called 'Rock of Ages' that was allegedly built by Gostellow, that is currently owned by a Mr H****d, of Barrow Upon Humber, North Lincolnshire. I know little of her, except that she is in good condition and still sailing out of Barton on Humber. I saw her on the quay only last weekend. She is unusual in that she is referred to as a Lynn Shrimper, but she is clinker and double ended.

email 3 April 2001 -
Hi, Was wondering if you could possibly help me with a problem.... I'm a Dutch/English translator working on a request from a Dutch guy - quite an unusual request in fact! He's trying to find a smack sold by his family many years ago to someone in the UK. He's tracking it down as his father died on the smack when he was young - presumably for sentimental purposes! The details I have are: Smack - originally registered in Holland under number KP81, changed to EB56 later on. Sold in August 1963 to an R. Parkers from Shenley .... and unfortunately that's all I know - oh, except it's a smack with a long foredeck.... so, as you can see, I have very little to go on :)

Bawley Reliance model
email 2 April 2001-
Hello .. I came across your website which was very interesting . My Granfather bought the Leigh Bawley "Reliance" I think around 1920. (I think She was built by James & Stone In Brightlingsea) & converted Her into a yacht She sailed in the Thames for many years, until he retired to the South Coast and she spent the war years in a mud berth in Poole (where her keel still remains) until her timbers where shaken by the shock of some bombs being dropped in the harbour. I do have several good photos together with a splendid ceramic model of her around 15" long which was made by a friend of my Grandfather who worked in Poole Pottery!
email 15 March 2001
The Tinymite has been build by Shuttlewoods of Paglesham and had originally been powered by steam engine Little information can be found in M.Emmets book blackwatermen on pag.135 We are rebuilding it on a farm in Stroe [ midle of Ned.] she was almost a wreck A smack is beautiful ship you can sail her over sea and fall dry on the banks of the waddenzee Maybe you can find some more info. about the Tiny Mite Photos later to come.
email 9 March 2001
Arend Liefkes and Wim Kok are rebuilding the 14.10M l.o.d. smack Tiny Mite ck322 later mn37 build in Paglesham in 1904

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14 - April - 2001 Roger Walker - Colne Smack Preservation Society