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Rock of Ages GY 835
photos by Greg Dunn
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Built Gostellow Boston 1905. Clinker built double ender, larch on oak. Built for Grimsby owners for crabbing and shrimping, registered GY835. Dimensions 34' x 10' 6" x 4'. At some point she was fitted with a Kelvin 2 cylinder TVO 15BHP engine. Sold to Hull in 1959, then to Richard Griffiths and Eric Hammond in 1961, who fished her for a year, and then sold to Hessle, where she laid for the next 26 years. Bought again by Eric Hammond, in a derelict state, in 1988, she was restored with the assistance of Phil Kennedy as shipwright.
Now sailed for fun, she has sails by J Lawrence and Gayle Heard, and is now fitted with a 60BHP diesel. Campaigned around the Humber at various regattas, she is remarkably fast, comfortable and well mannered.
Eric Hammond
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1 June 2001 Roger Walker - Colne Smack Preservation Society