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Tiny Mite CK 322
Built by Shuttlewoods of Paglesham on the River Roach, Essex in 1904.
photos by Arend Liefkes
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Arend Liefkes and Wim Kok are rebuilding the 46' (14.10m) l.o.d. smack Tiny Mite CK322, later MN37, built by Shuttlwoods of Paglesham in 1904.

The Tiny Mite had originally been powered by a steam engine.

A little information can be found in Mike Emmets book 'Blackwatermen' on page 135.

We are rebuilding her on a farm in Stroe [ middle of Netherlands] .

She was almost a wreck when we started.

She has the fine bows of a Shutlewood smack.

slender bows

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15 April 2001 Roger Walker - Colne Smack Preservation Society