back to smack list Transcur CK 365 - built 1889
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new owner's pleasure
We spent a day down at Kew Record Office researching Transcur and Margaret Catchpole.
It was really interesting and we managed to find out quite a lot of info.
We found two entries for Transcur one in Maldon registered as MN 11. First registered in Maldon in 1871 as a Class1 smack of 17 tons. This entry ran until 1889 when according to the register she was transferred to Colchester.
The entries in the Colchester register have Transcur as first registered in 1889 as a Class II smack of 9.58 tons, fishing number CK365.
We found no more entries since1889 for the Class one Transcur.
Our Transcur CK 365 was registered for fishing until 1934 when she was removed from the register. In 1937 she was sold to a Mr Greenway who is still living in Ardleigh. He bought her on the slip at Dan Webb's yard in Maldon.
He installed her first engine at this time.
click for bigger image Transported home, ready to get ripping
click for bigger image Later... much later!
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28 - March - 2001