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Smack Gossip and News.
From the newsletter of the Colne Smack Preservation Society, Brightlingsea, Essex, UK

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We welcome Betsan [a 50' smack] to our smack dock. I am sure Tony Brett and his smack will get plenty of shore side advice from our local Brightlingsea Mafia.

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I am also sure they will not be so happy to meet your bad tempered dog. Well done Tony for thinking of that one!

Robert Simper has promised to give us one of his superb talks in the new year. A date will be arrange and printed in the next edition
If there were such a thing as a spar breaking contest Ellen would have won it !
Ellen : 1 x bowsprit 2 x boom’s
Charlotte Ellen : 2 x bowsprits
Enterprise : 1 x topmast 1 x boom
Most spectacular shortening of rig goes to Charlotte Ellen when a topmast heel rope broke and the spar descended narrowly missing a crew member. Sallie also had the same mishap in the Chenal du Four but it was only in a gale 9

The CSPS are going to hold a music night in the new year, sounds like it might be a sixties night ? How our Chairman Jim is going to cope with that one with his mouth organ only time will tell?
The smack ABC may have found a new home in the new year. Hopefully we will have more information about this in the next newsletter ?
Is Portsmouth next year about to charge an entrance fee for the exhibitors ? The rumour has it that they will charge us an entrance fee to go to their show with our smacks. I for one will not be going if they do so.
Charlotte Ellen has a new owner. His name is James Bardrick from Islington, London. The CSPS wish to congratulate him on his purchase, he has chosen a very fine and fast smack Well done.
Paul Winter’s Harris smack, Maria, has got herself a new suit of sails and she is going extremely fast. Watch out Ethel Alice and well done Paul.
Will we see My Alice out next year? Her spars are being made for her so perhaps we will see Jim Dines out and racing her. She will also be a very fast smack and perhaps will be the one to take on Ethel Alice.
The Nobby has ‘gorn north’ to be with her sisters where no doubt she will be raced to her fullest potential. Hopefully Gayle Heard will be able to show his skill of sailing on another smack in the new season for he is too good a skipper to lose out of the scene.
. 2001 © Roger Walker