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The names, in English, that describe parts of a boat are another, strange language even to English speaking people who do not sail.
I understand it is the same in many other languages which proves to me that people who sail are a world brotherhood.
It does make translating a page difficult and I hope that those who use this service will understand the problem.
Some formatting of pages and tables are destroyed and the names of smacks like ' Peace ' will be translated.
The word ' smack ' means a ' fishing boat ' and is thought to have come from the Dutch language in the Netherlands.
The translation is rather slooooow so please be patient.
In English ' smack ' also means:-
to hit someone
to lick your lips after eating something delicious
another word for cocaine
so, dear reader, you will have to use your imagination !!
I have tried to help.
Fair winds to you all.

Google can translate a complete web page here. or you can useYahoo's Babelfish. Just copy over the URL of my page.

Roger Walker - 2002