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Sallie CK224

A Class II Aldous smack, 44' on deck, built in 1907. When the main is hoisted the boom jaws are clear of the table and the weight of the boom tensions the luff. Some smacks with lighter booms have a tack line passing through a hole in the boom and cleated at deck level so that luff tension can be adjusted. The boom jaws and the mast are leathered. Neatsfoot oil is good for the preservation of leather with a smear of tallow for lubrication. The tackle to starboard of the mast is for the tops'l tack downhaul. Car tyres find many uses; as fenders and as cushions. A spare mast hoop is normal as they sometimes break, especially the top hoop near the throat. They form good steps for climbing the mast. The hole in the port bulwark strake is for the jib sheet which is made off on the cavil inside it. She has no engine from choice and is very well sailed. I have seen her kedging out of Oar Creek, close tacking in narrow rivers sounding with the lead line and manoeuvring with sweep and warps in marinas. My Alberta CK318 also has no engine at present and the problem I have found is that other sailors assume that a 17 ton smack will have a reverse gear and do strange things in front of you.