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Alberta CK318 - built by Aldous in 1885

Inside after stripping off the ceiling strakes (a wee bit is still in place). Frames from about the mast aft are formed from oak futtocks bolted together. Forward of the mast where the shape is not so curvaceous they are sawn in one piece. The traditional concrete infill between the frames is seen right at the bottom of the picture. This was to provide a smooth surface for shovelling fish and to seal the inside ballast. Frames and planking are always degraded where in contact with the concrete but then they were only built to last a couple of decades! Futtocks about 4"x4" oak, beam shelf 7"x3" oak, half deck beams 4"x3" oak, planking 1 1/2" larch I think with the bottom two strakes in elm, deck 2" pine. She could hold about 300 bushels of sprats; about 7.5 tons.