Summary:- Details of Colchester Smacks, Essex Oyster Smacks, Gaff Sailing Fishing Boats Built by Aldous Harris Cann Gostelow Howard Stone Shuttlwoods
on the UK East Coast. Site started on in 1996

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The burgee of the CSPS

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Here is How to Get to the Smack Dock and an aerial view.

Our Boys 92CK 'mast abeam' and storming through

photograph Roger Walker
60+ft. overall and 17+ tons in close racing.

My old Colchester Smack 'Alberta CK318' was built in 1885 and has now been beautifully re-built at Barry Tester's yard at Hollowshore for her new owner.
You can see sketches showing how she developed and close-up photos of her and her sisters. Line drawings can be downloaded for CAD work. Technical information can be found on rope, old and new; the power of tackles; galvanised shackles tested to destruction; and a look at reefing according to Admiral Beaufort's original Wind Force Table. There follows a list of smacks and their owners working out of Tollesbury circa 1900.
Other pages describe how to research the past ownership of smacks and how Alberta came to be in a church.
The Colne Smack Preservation Society pages cover news and events, a list of smacks invited to compete in the Colne Match and a request for historical feedback from you regarding smacks.
There is a list of known ex-fishing boats with links to photographs or websites. This list will need updating - please email me ( with current information, history, photos, etc. for inclusion in this list. Note it is for ex-fishing boats that had a registration number not for smacks built and used solely as yachts. Not that smack yachts are any less desirable than ex-fishing smacks, it's just that I had to draw the line somewhere.
You can download an application form to join the Colne Smack Preservation Society from the link at left. Membership is actively encouraged from anyone with a desire to see our maritime heritage preserved.
Forum. I have set up a forum here for the public to use. The main purposes are:- History of a smack/crew/owner wanted or offered; Smack gear for sale/wanted; General Chat.

The line drawings of a Colne smack and a Harwich bawley for model makers can be ...downloaded FREE here

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