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Download the zip files to a folder of your choice on your pc then un-archive [open] them with Winzip. Winzip is a 'free to try' program and now part of XP or can found on most pc magazine's cover disks.
The zip files have been checked for viruses. [165k] contains 2D .DXF vector lines drawings of a 38' Stone smack 'Peace' with thanks to Edgar J March's book "Inshore Craft of Britain In the Days of Sail and Oar. Volume 1" from which publication, I eventually found out, the drawings had been taken. [68k] contains HPGL plot files of the above if the .dxf files don't load. [1730k] contains bitmap scans used for the .dxf files above. (~30mins )
The six .gif files below are contained in the archive above and are here for those wishing to download in smaller chunks. [417k] After half of deck. Construction plan [also on the jpgs below].
[450k] Forward half of deck. Construction plan [also on the jpgs below].
[106k] Lines plan - after half. (not much here extra to the dxf files).
[235k] Lines plan - fore half.
[148k] Lines section.
[377k] Lines side elevation.

Drawings to view here on your browser then, to download, right click on it and save the graphic to your hard drive. When loaded into a graphics program you can adjust the images for hard copy.
stone_c-s.jpg [107k - 1000 x 1219 pixels] shows cross section construction details for 'Peace'.
stone_plan.jpg [226k - 2500 x 886 pixels] shows plan construction details for 'Peace'.
stone_sail.jpg [321k - 2500 x 1839 pix] is a sail and spar jpg drawing for 'Peace' (unfortunatly distorted by a page fold) with calculations for CE, sail and spar lengths.
alberta_frame_iso.jpg (127k) isometric of Alberta's framing by Dmitriy Beketov of

The first bawley lines on the net.

dorislines.gif [42k] Ted Penny's lines of the 40' Harwich bawley, Doris LO284. [bitmap gif] [30k] for Roland Tank's conversion of the .gifs to .dxf vector format. Loads in Autosketch ok.

Why use vector graphics and Computer Aided Design software? The short answer is that they can do a lot more than a bitmap Paint type program. With vector drawings a CAD program can draw a smack, full size, to a tolerance of a thousand times smaller than a micron (if you were mad enough!) but more practically can measure the true length of a shroud and measure the displaced volume of a hull, making a huge time saving on manual calculations. If there are vertical and horizontal dimensions on the tracing then Cad can magnify the drawing in tiny increments till the scale is exact.
Many thanks to Roland Tank [marine architect] for cleaning up the .DXF files.
I have had feed back from some model makers and they say the smack lines are very true but the bawley lines have a few bumps to iron out.


Please let me know if you have lines of other smacks that I can put on this site for the benifit of others in the future. Let me know the software that the above loads into correctly AND if you have problems loading into CAD software. Vector graphics programmers are notorious for changing the file formats like their socks and a .dxf file will load one year and not the next !
My email is on the bottom of the front page . Roger Walker 14/April/01 . [revised 5th. November 2003]