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ADC CK 431 Built by Aldous 1880 : Re-launch Day
From the newsletter of the Colne Smack Preservation Society, Brightlingsea, Essex, UK

ADC alongside - click to enlarge

ADC afloat and Our Boys on the slip. History being made on that superb day.

ADC afloat - click to enlarge

ADC learning to swim again. Dick Harman says 'They never lose the habit'

Old friends - click to enlarge

Jane Harman looking after her old ‘flame’. Jane has spent many a happy day on ADC in the past.

¤- ADC was launched on the midday tide of Tuesday 29th August 2000 under the watchful eye of Jane Harman of the St. Osyth Yard and shipwrights Alan Williams and Andrew Balfe.

Graham Wallis the owner/skipper although delayed by traffic, arrived in time to see ADC as she gently floated free from her trolley.

As the water of St Osyth creek gently caressed her hull Andy and Jane Harman, Alan Williams and Andrew Balfe toasted her with champagne in the glorious sunshine.

When finally she left her trolley she smoothly came to lay against the quay and very shortly nestled herself into the mud. She took on only a soup bowl full of water just enough to quench her thirst. She now stands proud with her mast, topmast, boom and bowsprit.

On the 17th August 2000 a joint celebration was held with the launching of Our Boys.

A BBQ was supplied and cooked by Graham Wallis of ADC whilst Our Boys owners, the ‘Watsham family‘, supplied the beer. This was enjoyed by all those who came to see the two "Old Girls" afloat. Our sources report that the ADC team drew the short straw as less work was needed in tapping the taps into the kegs, however no one was willing to be quoted.

ADC is currently being ballasted with lead and it is hoped by the owner that she will be sailing in the not too distant future.

The CSPS wish to congratulate Graham Wallis on the launching of ADC and we have awarded him the honour of ‘Best Rebuild’ which was presented to him at the CSPS Colne Match. Well done.

Well she’s launched Graham and I for one wish you the very best. ADC will give you a lot of joy and happiness . We will miss you on the good ship Ellen but at least we will have the pleasure of sailing with ADC alongside Ellen for many years to come. (if we can keep up with you that is) Safe sailing and good luck.

Andy Rule Ed.

. 2001 © Roger Walker